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Advantages of Exclusivity With a Retailer

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Having exclusivity with a retailer can mean huge perks for both the retailer and the distributor. These advantages can improve business relations, customer relations and more. Check out the following article, with details provided by Chron, for more information on the advantages of exclusivity with a retailer.

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More attention

“One benefit of retail exclusivity is that the manufacturer’s or distributor’s products receive much more attention,” according to Chron. Retailers may pay special attention to these products, even including coupons or exclusive advertising for the items to their customers. The manufacturer may even be able to set up store demos or videos in stores, giving special attention to the product.

Greater shelf space

When distributors have retail exclusivity, these products enjoy greater amounts of shelf space in stores. When a retail store is setting up their shelving layout, they allocate certain amounts of space for certain product categories and competing brands. When a manufacturer has retail exclusivity, they get 100 percent of this space for their products.

Greater sales and profits

Retail exclusivity can lead to greater sales when retailers devote their in-store marketing efforts to one brand. In addition, retailer’s sale associates may even be well-versed on the product features and benefits of the brand, which can attract more customer purchases.

Minimized competitive influence

Retail exclusivity allows distributors to enjoy minimized competitor influence. Competitors distribution options are minimized, which can reduce their sales and profits and force customers to purchase more readily available items. When a manufacturer is offered exclusively at a retailer, they will enjoy the exclusive attention received from buyers.

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