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5 Tips for Better Holiday Marketing

As the holidays quickly approach, we know that consumers are spending more on their loved ones, and themselves. Specials and deals pop up everywhere, and it’s important to know how to market your product to the right audience at the right time to get the most out of holiday spending. That’s where we come in. Here at Premium Productions Direct Marketing, we work with you to utilize the most cost-effective solutions for maximum gains. We’ve created a quick and easy guide to help you enhance your holiday marketing!

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The first thing you should do: start marketing right now. The earlier you start advertising the better. Many consumers begin their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving even rolls around in order to spread out their purchases. If they see your deal before they see another, you’re more likely to get their business!

Many of us assume snail mail is dead, but that’s not the case! Sending your mail out regularly to potential customers. It’s important to do this early as well so that your information doesn’t get tossed into the pile of holiday sale flyers and winter-themed magazines.

Our third suggestion is to sell online. We all know that more people are shopping online, so you should be taking advantage of that! Offer deals like discounts and free shipping for a higher profit margin, and consider add-on services like gift wrapping to help your products stand out above the rest.

Next, combine regular mail with online sales. They go hand and hand; advertise your awesome deals with your direct mail. Your clients will see it, realize it’s a steal, and head to your website. Ensure that the information is clearly laid out for them to find quickly and easily.

Last but not least, don’t focus on the holidays alone. Sales pop up right after the holidays as well. People didn’t get quite what they wanted or received some extra spending cash, so they’re on the hunt for deals they missed out on earlier. Once again, make sure you’re sending out mail about your sales and deals early and offer competitive rates and prices.

If you’re ready for a free analysis of your direct marketing program, fill out our online contact form or give us a call today! We’ll provide you with a targeted marketing overview, list count of your desired customer targets, detailed demographic report, and a strategic overview of a successful mail plan. Work with us and beat your competition!

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