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5 Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Needs

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According to a recent study, the direct mails have a response rate of as high as 75 percent. But, if not done well any Automotive Direct Mail marketing campaign will amount to a significant loss of capital, time and energy. Here, Premium Production elaborates on the 5 needs of your Automotive Direct Mail marketing campaign to make it profitable.

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Creating Strategy What do you want to achieve with your campaign? This question will help you lay out a blueprint of your plans and help you become more single-minded in building your campaign. The objective of your campaign could be to generate more leads over a certain time or to have a certain number of people visit your oil change center to avail a discount, etc. Whatever it is, you must mark all the steps and stages, and stick to them without deviating, to reap the benefits.

Targeting Right People Who is your customer? Find out who wants or needs what you can give. Not all customers are the same. Instead of sending a direct mail to your entire customer base, specific customer groups must be targeted. Identify what your current customers have in common. Look at the demographics such as age, location, gender, income, etc. You will have more conversions from the prospects belonging to the same demographics.

Standing Out What is on offer? Offers can range from discounts and early birds, to free gifts. Your offer has to be irresistible. Lure your audience into opening or reading your mailers. Your unread and unopened mail could end up in the trash if you miss the mark. Be unique and creative with your presentation. Personalize based on the existing data. For, e.g., instead of addressing to the homeowner, you may want to send the mail to the resident who is actually planning to buy a car.

Testing And Tracking How will you gauge the success? Response rate, cost per customer, break-even point, etc., and ultimately the ROI are the metrics to evaluate the success of your campaign. Other accurate tools like promotion codes, vouchers or coupons cannot be overlooked, either. Direct mail combined with the power of ‘digital world’ can make your campaign even more effective. Test and track every aspect of your campaign so that you can see what is working well and what is not.

Following Up Following up is a mandate to carry out any business well. It will help you find out if your message has been received. The first contact that you have with a recipient is not normally enough to convert them. So, after a few days, contact the recipients by phone. Here, timing is critical.

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